Thursday, March 25, 2021

How to Reset Error 5B00 on a Canon IP2770 and Canon MP237?

Happy to meet you again, this time admin will share tips on how to reset error 5B00 on a Canon IP2770 and Canon MP237 printers with the Latest Service Tool V4905.

In this case, the Canon printer had a problem with the error code 5B00 message, this means that the printer has experienced a limit on its print usage, and to fix it the printer must be in service mode. And the method is as follows:

  • The printer is off, press the stop/reset button (keep it pressed) then press the on/power button (keep it pressed).

  • Still pressing on/power button, release then press the stop/reset button again, repeat 6 times, when pressing the 6th hold and release the stop/reset button coincide by releasing the on (power) button.
  • In this step, Windows will detect a new printer device (ignore it) until the lamp light stops blinking
  • Download Service Tool V4905, Extract then run.
  • Prepare several sheets of paper, in the resetting process the printer will print the log resetter report document.
  • On the Ink Absorber Counter select Main then click SET, and the printer will print the document with code D = 000.0

  • Go back to the service tool, click EEPROM then click OK, and the printer will print the document and close the program.
  • Restart the printer and try a test to print documents.

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