Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How to reset the Epson L120 printer manually and using a resetter?

There are two ways to reset the Epson L120 printer, the first way is to reset manually and the second is reset using resetter software. Manual reset is used when the printer has an error that the ink has run out (ink level), this condition is usually indicated by the ink indicator light is on but the printer cannot be used to print, reset using resetter software is used when your Epson L120 printer blinks the ink and paper indicator lights alternately (waste ink pad counter), and there is a message "service required" on your computer screen.

How to reset Epson L120 printer manually:
  • Turn on your Epson printer.
  • Press the power button and the resume button together and Hold for 5 seconds then Release
  • Repeat the steps above one more time.
  • Turn off your printer then turn it back on and your Epson printer is ready to use.

How to reset Epson L120 printer using software resetter:

  • Download Resetter Epson L120 here
  • Extract then double click L210.exe
  • Select Particular adjustment mode
  • On the Particular adjustment mode dialog box select Waste ink pad counter
  • Checklist on the "Main pad counter" box then click "Check" to check the value of the counter, then click "Initialize" to reset the waste ink pad counter value to zero.
  • Just click Ok, and turn off your printer
  • Wait a few moments, turn on your printer and try to print some documents