Monday, March 22, 2021

How to Solve the Problem Epson L360 Printer and Epson L220 Blank Print Results?

Several causes that make the Epson L360 and Epson L220 printers unable to print the document or the printout blank print result, the cause is as follows :

The mouth of the nozzle on your printer cartridge is covered with dry ink so that it cannot produce ink streaks when printing or the paper we printed earlier becomes a blank white blank. To fix this is by pumping ink into the cartridge. Fill the cartridge until full, then pump until you see ink dropping through the cartridge mouth, then do a test print.

If the above method doesn't work, chances are your cartridge is clogged and you need Head Cleaner liquid to clean it. This liquid is quite effective in overcoming clogged cartridges caused by dried ink or dirt. Cover the nozzle hole. the way to use it is very easy: first, take the head cleaner, put it in the container then soak the cartridge until all the dirt is removed from the nozzle.

This last method is the last step after all above did not work, the method is by replacing the fuse on your motherboard printer with a new one or you can take it from a similar series of Epson printers that are not in use.