Friday, March 19, 2021

The Newest Way to Reset Printer Canon MP287 error P07 using Service Tool v3400

Canon printers usually get errors when printing documents, there are several types of errors that appear, one of which is error P07 or error 5b00, especially on the printer Canon MP287.

It is called error P07 because when it is turned on for the first time, the display status on the printer becomes the number 1 then becomes the letter "P", then changes to "0" then becomes "7". It continues to be repeated accompanied by the power button light blinking.

This happens because the printer is in a state that the number of prints has limit exceeded, so if we want to print an error message P07 will appear on the printer, and an error 5b00 service request will appear on the computer screen.

In this post, the admin will share how to Reset the Printer Canon MP287 error P07 using Service Tool v3400.

Before resetting the printer, it must be in safe mode. To reset it manually, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the printer,
  • Press the reset button or stop button and hold it down, then press the Power button simultaneously.
  • Release the reset button, with the power button still in the hold position. Then press the reset button 6 times, if the yellow LED blinks, this means the printer is responding to commands. When this process is successful, the printer will run a roll, and the display will be blank. A message will appear on the monitor screen that there is a new device, ignore the message. Then continue with the next step.
  • The next step is to download the software via the link below:
  • Open and run the software
  • Click the EPROM button. To view the log results and printer records, provide one sheet of paper on the paper board of your printer. Then click the SET button to reset the ink counter; then click SET to reset the Absorber link.
  • Turn off the printer and wait a few moments then turn the printer again
Download Service Tool v3400 (pass: url this blog)