Friday, April 16, 2021

4 Important Benefits if You Use Secure Printing

Secure Printing is a safety and security feature that allows users to print documents confidentially. This gives users security when printing, and gives your important data and documents fully protected.

How does the printer have this security feature?

By using an access card that consists of a different login password for each user and a printer usage control feature for each user.

To take advantage of the Secure Printing function, the user enters the password by entering the printer driver properties before sending the document to the printer. Then automatically, the document will be stored in the printer until the same password is entered. This is to ensure that only people who are authorized and have the password can print and have access to the document after it has been processed.

4 Important Benefits if you use Secure Printing :

1. Maintain the confidentiality of important documents

  • Every company or office must have important and confidential documents, not everyone can know the contents of these documents. Some important documents will be printed, efforts to minimize these leaks can use secure printing methods by making the documents you print can only be taken by yourself, with the password that you enter.

2. Reducing wastage

  • Why can there be a wastage on printers that do not use Secure Printing?
  • This is because one of the functions of the Secure Printing feature can make plans for printer users

3. Avoid the risk of counterfeiting

  • Avoid the risk of forgery on the document to be printed, by using Secure Printing this printed document can only be taken by you and this avoids the risk of document forgery

4. Data can be cracked/hacked

  • Data consisting of documents and images that you send to the printing machine will be saved, and only you can print them because printing them requires your password.