Thursday, April 1, 2021

How to reset the Canon G2000 printer manually?

The error that is often encountered by Canon G2000 printer users is the error code 5B00, this error usually appears when the printer finishes cleaning which is indicated by the printer light blinking 7 times.

There are several ways you can reset the Canon G2000 printer, using a software resetter and manually, and this time admin will share how to reset the Canon G2000 printer manually.

For how to reset it follow the steps below :

  • Plug the printer cable into the power socket
  • Press the power button and hold
  • Press the (cancel) or (stop) button 6 times
  • Release all buttons, the cancel and the power button together
  • Press the cancel button 5 Times
  • Press the power button once and at this point, the printer will print a reset information page
  • Press the power button to turn it off then turn on the printer again

I hope the method above can help you reset Canon G2000 without using a software resetter.